3Play 4800

3Play 4800 is the only multi-camera live sports replay system that dramatically enriches the viewing experience for audiences, engaging stadium and online fans with slow motion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media publishing in every game.

With the most complete real-time capabilities available in any multi-camera replay server, 3Play 4800 makes it possible for sports organizations in any market to produce a gripping live experience that attracts more audiences—and sponsors—to the game. At just a fraction of the cost of other systems, producers can say goodbye to EVS level pricing and achieve winning performances every game.

    Save money, equipment, operator costs, space and resources
    Save up to 60% of replay equipment costs in some cases
    Deliver professional, high-quality production values that rival EVS and other sports production systems
    Add incremental programming, pre- or post-game, without incremental cost
    Produce sports your way, with the most flexible, customizable, and workflow-adaptable set-up, operation and programming potential available

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