TriCaster Special

Still working on an older TriCaster system?
Get current with our hottest upgrade deals ever –
up to 40% off with your trade-in.*

Trade up to the Super Powers of TriCaster 410, 460 or 860, and:

Get more views:

    Media Publishing instantly uploads to social media networks while you stream, broadcast, or project your show
    Second output provides additional program (and sponsorship) opportunities from the same production

Reach new visual heights:

    360-degree Holographic LiveSets take your show virtually on location, anywhere
    Virtual sets bring realistic sets, lighting, reflections, and camera moves to any small production space

Reduce time, cost, and errors:

    Multi-format ISO recording captures every camera and makes post-production
    10x faster
    PTZ camera controls adds more coverage without spending on more crew
    Macros and automation triggered by hand gestures, button pushes or simple apps and devices make sequences simpler and reduce on-air errors

Start producing immediately:

    You already know TriCaster. Take advantage of the new models to unlock your own Super Powers.

Create shows that fire up your audience.
Offer expires August 29, 2014.

Create shows that fire up your audience.

Offer expires August 29, 2014.
Monitors and control surface sold separately.
*US MSRP. Savings vary by trade-in and trade-up models. International pricing varies.
Promo is available to all registered TriCaster customers worldwide, must be the original owner and be a valid
(non-retired) serial number.
System being Traded-In must be returned to NewTek.
Trade-in credit is the same for “A la Carte” systems and bundles with Control Surface.
System being traded-in must have been registered prior to June 30, 2014 to qualify.

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